FREE Sales Management Webinar
Note: Attendence is restricted to sales management.

How to Make Inside Salespeople More Productive
(Using these tactics can easily increase performance 10%!)

Join me on Tuesday December 11th @11AM PT
Approximately 60 minutes, +Q&A
A replay will be available if you cannot make this date.

To reserve your seat, enter your information here.. (It's FREE)

Improve your end of year push...

Allow me to show you the secrets of improving productivity...

You could literally make a visible difference in your December numbers by employing the strategies and tactics you'll learn in this webinar.

I'd like to show you exactly I how consistently increased the performance of my inside sales groups over 15%, by just improving their ability to be productive.

The results you will get from these methods is nearly immediate. However, corresponding revenue changes will likely still be a function of the sales cycle length.

In this workshop I'm going to discuss 3 key productivity subjects...

  • Time management
  • Work flow
  • Increased sales time

When you leave the workshop you will have a number of workable methods you can employ immediately to improve the production of your team members.

It's all yours for free. And there's no sales pitch, just pure content. At the end of the session I will tell you about another great training event you can attend for free.

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